Royal T – Ya Highness

“The older I get the more I appreciate not just dope MCing… but story telling and song writing! Being able to hit many types of fans is key in this game to me. Royal T plays this to a tee by multiple tales from Thailand to United States. He has been over seas performing professionally with bands for last 15 yrs and is here to make a solid statement of being a true rolling stone musician! From MC bravado, family & crew importance, classic remixes, myths of love, learning from mistakes, bringing people together, working for your dreams… you will get a lifetime of experiences through his album! Ya Highness is a full spectrum of who he is. With scratches from legendary J Rawls and a crew of fam on the record, dive & escape into a kingdom of itself. On all streaming platforms and support fully on Bandcamp below.”  The album features Kaz Oliver, Ronnie Biggs, L.O.O.T., EzzodaDon and J Rawls.

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article by Grant Gatsby