Vito (via Fat Camp Productions) “Releasing 1 single a day!”

Fat Camp isn’t so much a group, it’s more of a collage.  Combined, it’s emcees that lend their talents to create authentic golden era reminiscent Hip-Hop vibes. Jason “Vito” Vescio is now releasing a collection of mainly self produced tracks featuring a number of talents like long time friends and collaborators Elementree, Haz, Elad the Authority, Ramses, P. Smiff and long time original rhyme partner Side.  This series of tracks started May 10th and until he reaches the end of the barrage, plans to release 1 single per day with 11 under his belt at the time of featuring this!  So check out the content on the Fat Camp Bandcamp page!

All song produced by Vito for Fat Camp Productions
Except: Drop That (Prod. P. Smiff)
& On & On (Prod. Major Briggz)