Empuls x Scenic Route and the Sun Gods – Civil Procedure EP

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Empuls has an act for his rapid lyricism and complex wordplay, which has led him to collaborations with members of the Wu-Tang Clan like Cappadonna, Killah Priest, Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship, 2Mex of Visionaries and even a record deal with Man Bites Dog Records, spearheaded by their CEO, Roc Marciano.  His latest album has been described as a Magnum Opus, or in his words, the album he was always meant to make, each track based off the chapter titles of a book, Civil Procedure written by Joseph W. Glannon.  The album is his answer and raw-poetic reflection to things like social injustice, the corrupt court systems, discrimination, racial tension, political agendas and many other deeply decorated ugly truths about our society.  Featuring guest emcees Eliy Orcko, Doc Remedy, HellahMentals, Ryder Reynolds, jazz keys by LA Patterson and produced entirely by Scenic Route and the Sun Gods (Doc Remedy & HellahMentals) and the first in a series of albums produced exclusively by them carried under the umbrella Sun God Chronicles.

As an added bonus, committed to releasing material every equinox, they have also just launched their latest instrumental album “Granular Groove Beats” for the world to enjoy!

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Empuls – Civil Procedure (Official Album)

Empuls – Civil Procedure EP (Instrumentals & Acapellas)