Fellowman – Walking Tours

Fellowman reigns from Charlottesville, VA and is an advocate for pushing the culture forward with his Nine Pillars Hiphop Cultural Fest but today he is being featured here to discuss his recent solo album Walking Tours.  No emcee features and all produced by himself, this album has a lot of heavy content to it, taken via inspiration of many long walks through the city itself.  Hardships, racial tension, class systems, prejudice, crooked police and politicians, oppressors and glimpses of hope to offset the dismal pictures of 8 well written storytelling type tracks. The production is all clean, simple and melodic in similar ways that this album would fit well for fans of artists like Eyedea, Atmosphere, Blueprint, A Tribe Called Quest, Sage Francis and others.  Check it out on Bandcamp and limited edition cassette release!

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