Muenster – Weirdope

This came across our path and as soon as we saw musical influences by artists like Project Blowed, Ultramagentic MC’s, Organized Konfusion and others we knew it was worth checking out!  Austin native / Denton transplant and emcee Muenster definitely draws his love for lyricism and wordplay and made a super solid album for anyone into the art form.  Quick witted lyricism combined with smooth Boom Bap beats, where can you go wrong right?  This dual mood album, split into two 7 track parts, WEIRD and DOPE, is jam packed with features from collaborators like Billy Syn, Pterradacto, SumGuy, Shotty Automatic, Brujo, X-Calibur, KoolBRZ, Guillotine, Legend, Flotation and production by Guillermo Zepeda, Ritchy Flo, Hollogram Dagger, SumGuy, Cloak Beats, Shotty Automatic, KaelZzZz, WonderBreed, BrianKeef, Dufrane, Lone Danger Productions, Juicy The Emissary and cuts by DJ Aquanot.  Check it out!

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