CLOAQxDAGGER – Razorface ft Aztech of Hybrid Thoughts & Paranom

It’s not everyday you find a production duo, but when you do they are usually fantastic!  In comes Crack Sizzlack & Mathias, the Massachusetts production duo also known as CLOAQxDAGGER bringing you their latest opus ‘Razorface’ featuring Aztech (of Hybrid Thoughts) & Paranom (of Tragic Allies). This dark grime induced ballot has a heavy drum feel and some super gritty synths accompanied with a perfect blend of lyricism from the emcees on board!  This is the second single from their upcoming album “A Working Title” in which the duo sculpts a richly intense soundscape for Aztech & Paranom to display their intellectual prowess on. The video shot and directed by Rose Glen Ent. showcases this sonic masterpiece by visually vibrating your frontal cortex. “A Working Title” is set to hit all platforms on 07.03.20

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