The Microphone Misfitz – Escape from Babylon vol 3

There isn’t much to say about The Microphone Misfitz except DOPE! They found a perfect blend between Funk, Reggae culture, Hip-Hop, Breakbeats and a tad bit of Nerdcore as most their albums come with their OWN comic book print as well! This album, Escape from Babylon vol 3 is nothing short of impressive and features DMC of Run-D.M.C., Femcee Flipsidee, MIK DOG, Fury, Jovan Dandry, Scoot Over (SOB), Bob Rok, JesI (Connect Force / Slump Gang 777), Jux Cain (SOB), Cochise Soul Star and E-Lag with with in house production by Mike aemka Knoble. If you like funk organic Hip-Hop flavor, click the link below!

This album comes with a 24 page full colored digital comic book written by D-Nick, Lines by Daimon Hampton, and color & lettering by Derrell Spicy.

Check out some of their videos here!

It’s On Video:
In the clouds Video:
Abnormality Video:
Libations Video:
Soul Rebelz Video: