Hip-Hop Record Labels that DO ACCEPT unsolicited demos

Prhymal Rage has a FREE gift to all artists looking to initiate contact with record labels.  Most record labels DO NOT accept unsolicited demo submission, meaning they throw away most demos they receive and never listen to them.  So here is our present to you, a list of labels that sign or contract Hip-Hop artists and producers that DO ACCEPT unsolicited demos! Keep these tips in mind: Don’t send the same e-mail to multiple labels at once!  Send each label a fresh new e-mail.  Don’t send unfinished songs!  Don’t mention your age in your bio and keep it short. Oh and by the way, nobody wants to spend the time downloading music attachments and whatnot.  Send a LINK to a press kit and all music should be sent as STREAMING LINKS only!

-Doc Remedy

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