Doze – Pay Dues Forever

In a day an age where every artist claims to be from big cities and the streets, it leaves origin stories all too similar. Enter Montrose native (home to about 400 people) Doze from South Dakota with his eclectic taste in Hip-Hop pioneers notably marked for lyricism and complex flow styles. The album starts off with a dark track by none other than Oldominion’s own Greyskul (now with Rhymesayers Entertainment) but the feature list doesn’t stop there! Doze has layed out some of his best beats for this project so it’s obvious he has some of the best to do it rapping on them right?  Former Typical Cats artists Qwel (Galapagos4) as well as Qwazzar both have songs back to back on this project displaying their love for quick witted wordplay and lyricism. Graves 33, Ecid (Fill in the Breaks), Dem Atlas (Rhymesayers Entertainment), Astronautalis (Known by many for his work at Fake Four Inc), Ceschi (Fake Four Inc), Wantedallah, C-Rayz Walz and Evolve all lend their talents to this incredible album. The tracks that stood out the most however was a very attention catching story track called No Gravity told by Blueprint (Rhymesayers Entertainment, Weightless Recordings) and a well rounded put together song displaying lyrical ability as well as singing called Goonies never Die by Lucas Dix. For any Hip-Hop collector, this album belongs in your collection based off the names listed on it alone!

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