Eff Yoo & Godilla – Cloak & Dagger (produced by Big O)

Independent artists Eff Yoo (Lo Lifes) and Godilla (Battleaxe Warriors East Coast) teamed up for their debit album entitled They Came On Horseback back in June. This is one of the tracks off that project produced by Big O himself!

Stream the song: Eff Yoo & Godilla – Cloak & Dagger (produced by Big O)

      Effyoo & Godilla - Cloak and Dagger

      CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE mp3! Eff Yoo & Godilla - Cloak and Dagger - Cloak and Dagger


If that isn’t enough, you can get the full album here:
The tracklist is as follows

1. Intro prod by Brian Native Seals
2. They came on horseback prod by dj rybe
3. The bounty hunt prod by Josh JL Lowery
4. Vinyl Ashes ft. C-Rayz Walz prod by 81 neutrons w. cuts by Tee Em Bee
5. Butter soft leathers prod by Sean T Mangan aka Goldenchild
6. Hawkbills prod by Haze Attacks
7. Cloak and Dagger prod by Orlando Cedeno aka Big O
8. Flowers for Algernon prod by Reign Supreme
9. Armed to the teeth ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq , Adlib Baxwar , Spit Gemz ,UG from the Cella Dwella prod by Nysom Baxwar Stateofmind
10. Itzamna prod by Styg Larcen
11 .omega effect ft. Born unique , King Mag , G.s. Advance prod by Jbl TheTitan
12. Outro prod by Haze Attacks