Super Fresh Robots – Self Titled

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Super Fresh Robots is a group composed of Ryder Reynolds and his friend Jeff aka J-Witts. After 9 years of making music, in 2010, Super Fresh Robots was born.  This record draws inspiration from hip hop, EDM, indie rock, salsa, afrobeat, and jazz.

Super Fresh Robots – Self titled
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Release Date:11/01/13
Producers:Ryder Reynolds, J-Witts
Features:Blueprint, Obey the Altar Native, Jungle Jim, Andi
Track Listing:01. Night Waltz
02. Jump
03. Common Ground ft Blueprint and Obey the Altar Native
04. Tigris
05. Can’t Afford It
06. On 2 Something
07. Ample Pie With Strangers ft Jungle Jim
08. Moke Dilla
09. Midnight
10. KillaBang Bang ft And