MR 44 – Poverty To Paradise

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MR 44 – Poverty To Paradise Mixtape Hosted by DJ Bedtyme 357 (Olivia’s dad / Remy Ma’s DJ).

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Release Date:03/30/12
Producers:Lady Trauma, Deep, Mike Kado, DJ Showtime, J-Hart, Mate Kriz, Three-Fourteen, Jr Budd, D-Nass, Silent, DJ Rondon, J-Fray, Plague, R.Y.A.N., A-Jizzle, Cas
Features:Momma, Reesie, Niccotine, Justin Fraley, Carla, Marcelle, Taye Tags, Big Meril, Cas, Sub-Z, Nick Miller
Track Listing:01. Mixtape Intro Flow
02. HipHop Raised Me
03. Target Practice
04. Tigerwoodz
05. Poverty To Paradise
06. I Was
07. Birth ft Momma and Reesie
08. Fast lane ft Niccotine
09. Message In A Bottle
10. Ten Rap Commandments
11. Caliente – MR 44 & Jadakiss
12. Conversation ft Justin Fraley
13. I Got A Story ft Carla Marcelle
14. Missing U HipHop
15. One Nite ft Nick Miller
16. Monsters In The Lake ft Taye Tags, Big Meril, Cas, Sub-Z
17. Lyrical Alphabets
18. For Myself
19. Most Slept On – MR 44 & Tupac
20. Poverty To Paradise Remix by Lady Trauma