We are very thankful for the continued support over the years!  We hope to provide you with high quality merch.  Due to the size of our team, each artist has their own store and we just provide a centralized page to display them all.  Please contact an artist directly for specific questions, comments or concerns.  Thank you!

Prhymal Rage / Artist Merch


Jack Burton - Self Awaited CD
Jack Burton$7CD

Can I Bum a Cig? CD
Clutch Lopez$10CD

Sad Boy Soundtracks
(Limited Edition CD)
Doc Remedy$12CD

Sad Boy Soundtracks
(Limited Edition Vinyl)
Doc Remedy$20Vinyl

Sad Boy Combo
(Shirt + CD)
Doc Remedy$20Combo
Shirt + CD

$7 Holler
Prhymal Rage Graff Shirt
Prhymal Rage$7Shirt

Supreme Lyricism COMBO
Shirt + Hoodie
Prhymal Rage$40Combo
Hoodie + Shirt

Supreme Lyricism Shirt
Prhymal Rage$20Shirt

Sephiroth Tree Shirt
Scenic Route and the Sun Gods$15Shirt

Mumble Rap Hoodie
Prhymal Rage$35Hoodie

Mumble Rap Shirt
Prhymal Rage$22Shirt

The Anim8ed EP CD

The Anim8ed Logo Hoodie

The Anim8ed Logo Shirt

Can I Bum A Cig? Shirt
Clutch Lopez$20Shirt

15 Year Anniversary Shirt
Prhymal Rage$20Shirt

Redline 2.0 Shirt
San Goodee$25Shirt

Bloodlines EP CD
The Krypt$8CD

Prhymal Rage Graffiti Shirt (Gold)
Prhymal Rage$20Shirt

Cleveland EST 2005 Shirt
Prhymal Rage$18Shirt

Drawstring Backpack
Prhymal Rage$10Bag