Vintage Drum Kits

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We can’t sell these, but we can provide them for you all in one central location!  Enjoy the native internal sound banks of the following Drum Machines / Sequencers!  (some had rather small banks but had many ways to resample, pitch, filter, oscillate, expansion bays and memory drives etc etc so keep in mind not every machine has a massive sound bank!)

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VintageDrums-Bundle 1 (233MB .zip)
Acetone: Rhythm Ace. Rhythm King, Rhythm Master
AJK: Percussion Synth, Percusyn
Akai: MPC-60, MPC-1000, MPC-2000 (small bank – but had 32mb expansion slots), MPC-4000, XE-8, XR-1, XR-10
Alesis: D4fx, DM5, HR-16, HR-16b, SR-16, DR-55, DR-70, DR-110, DR-202, DR-220, DR-220a, DR-220e, DR-550, DR-550 MkII, DR-660
Buchla Modular System 200
Casio: MT-18, MT-100, MT-500, MT-800, PT-1, PT-30, PT-68, PT-82, Rapman, RZ-1, SK-1, VL-1
Cheetah MD16
Coron Drum Synce DS-7
Deepsky Drumbox
Doepfer MS-404

VintageDrums-Bundle 2 (238MB .zip)
EKO Rhythm Box
Electro Harmonix: Drm15, Drm32, Spacedrum
E-Mu: Drumulator, E-Drum, Modular, Procussion, Proteus, SP12
Ensoniq ASR-X
Fairlight IIx
Farfisa Drum
Fricke: MFB502, MFB 512
Gulbransen Select-A-Rhythm
Hammond: Autovari 64, Rhythm
Hohner: automatic, Rhythm 80
Jomox Xbase-09
Kawai: R-50, R-50e, R-100, XD5
Korg: DDD1, DDD5, DDM110, DDM220, KPR-77, KR-55, KRZ, M1, Minipops, MP7, MS-20, Poly-800, Prophecy, Pro-Wave, Rhythm-55, SR-120, T1, T3, X5
Kurzweil K2000 ROM
Linn: 9000, Linn Drum LM1, Linn Drums LM2, Linn Drum Lm2 (Forat)
Luxor Passat
Maestro: Rhythm King, Rhythm MRQ-1
Mattel Synsonic
Melosonic Drums
Mercure Drums
Moog: Concertmate MG-1, MultiMoog
MXR Computer Rhythm 185
Novation Drumstation
Oberheim: DMX, DX, Matrix 1000

VintageDrums-Bundle 3 (225MB .zip)
Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
Rhodes Polaris
Roland: CR-78, CR-1000, CR-8000, D-10, D-70, D110, DDR-30, F30, JD-800, JD-900, Juno106 Typhoon, JV 1080, JV80, JX80, JX3P, Mc-09, MC-202, MC-303, MT-32, PB, 300 Rhythm Plus, R-5, R-8, S-50, SC-88, SH-09, SH-101, System 100, TD-7, TD-10, TD-33, TD-55, TD-66, TD-77, TD-505, TD-606, TD-626, TD-707, TD-727, TD-808, TD-909, TD-909 BD Selection
Ruby Orla
Sakata DPM-48
Sequential Circuits: Drumtraks, TOM
Serge Modular
Siel MPd-40
Simmons: Clap, SD-5, SDS-5, SDS-400
Sonor Mini Mammut
Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88
Suzuki RPM-40

VintageDrums-Bundle 4 (114MB .zip)
Univox Micro Rhythmer 12
Vermona: Vermona Drum, ER-9
Virtual MPC Electronics MPC-1
Visco SpaceDrum
Vox Drumbox
Watsford Electronic Drumbox
Wersi WM 24
Wurlitzer Swinging Rhythm
X Drum LM8953
Yamaha: CS-5, CS-6, EL-605, EM-90, EX5, EX7 Drums, MR-10, PS-55, PSR, RM-50, RX, RX-5, RX-7, RX-11, RX-21, RX-21L, RY-10, RY-30, SY-22, SY35, TG-33, TX-16W