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Credit goes to: Scenic Route and the Sun Gods

All leased beats are free to use and if used commercially, the following criteria shall be met:

Credit: produced by Scenic Route and the Sun Gods (“of Prhymal Rage” is optional)

Publishing: If uploaded to streaming sites, 50% of publishing is required.  Publishing info is as follows – Doc Remedy (ASCAP) & HellahMentals (ASCAP)
Alternatively you can use a company like Distrokid.com and split 50% of the song under the “TEAMS” section to DocRemedyMusic (at) gmail.com and HellahMentals (at) gmail.com (for a combined total of 50% at 25% each)

Producer(s) Doc Remedy & Hellah
Tempo 88bpm
File Type .Wav 48kHz
$50.00 – Purchase