Beat Page – Scenic Route


Producers: Doc Remedy  / San Goodee / Scenic Route and the Sun Gods (Doc Remedy + HellahMentals)

Doc Remedy & HellahMentals combine talents as a production team and have worked with artists like: illogic, Seez Mics (Strange Famous Records), louis logic, Jack Burton, San Goodee, Mr. 44, Empuls, Mike Kijanski, Crazy8theGREAT & many more

LEASE A BEAT FOR $50!  Additional Lease details found below player.
Credit goes to: Scenic Route and the Sun Gods All leased beats are free to use and if used commercially, the following criteria shall be met: Credit: produced by Scenic Route and the Sun Gods (“of Prhymal Rage” is optional) Publishing: If uploaded to streaming sites, 50% of publishing is required.  Publishing info is as follows – Doc Remedy (ASCAP) & HellahMentals (ASCAP) Alternatively you can use a company like and split 50% of the song under the “TEAMS” section to Doc Remedy & Hellah (for a combined total of 50% at 25% each) with all information needed provided in a /PDF file *All Downloads include a 48kHz .wav file and a contract .pdf with all leasing info. All leased beats are sold “as is” and stems can be supplied if desired.  All leased beats are an Unlimited Lease for private and commercial use. We can also be contacted for EXCLUSIVE beats directly. Producers MUST be credited on all digital and physical releases and granted a percentage of digital or streaming revenue when applicable based upon agreement terms between all parties.