SoulRocca ft. M-Dot – Toil prod. by SoulRocca (Video)

“In Good Company” by SoulRocca is a collaboration album by Hamburg (Germany) veterans Boogiedown Base & 12 Finger Dan aka Soulbrotha and Munich producer Roccwell. On their latest single “Toil, SoulRocca arrange a menacing soundscape for Boston rap titan M-Dot, to verbally eviscerate his doubters. The music video depicts M-Dot spewing venomous quotables, while strutting through the Burlington Record Plant (Vermont) as the vinyl pressing process unfolds. 
In Good Company” (Out Now) is a homage to the many rap classics of the last three decades but always remains fresh thanks to the contributions of talented artists such as M-Dot, QnC, DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz, J57, Dro Pesci, Wildelux and more.
“You rattled the cage, and woke the lion// You hangin’ from a thin string & that rope’s untying//” -M-Dot