Illogic x Odd Nosdam – Right The Ship

Illogic and Odd Nosdam haven’t collaborated in over 23 years, and it sounds like they never stopped in the first place.  This short 5 track EP (4 tracks and a remix variant) is a perfect soundscape to insert into your day when you want to chill out, relax, enjoy jewels and dive into the complex lyricism illogic is known for.  Dark, earthy low end, synths with slight industrial and experimental elements and the signal chains and textures in both the music layers and vocals add a grit to the entire project that is appreciated.  Another solid release from both of these guys!

Download & Streaming
Bandcamp (Illogic) / Bandcamp (Odd Nosdam)

Bass on Right the Ship (OG) + bass & cuts on Trafick Jam by Mike Walti