NyteXing – No Masters 3

NyteXing (pronounced Night Wing) is an upcoming rapper from Bethlehem PA that holds no reserve rapping about what he knows and lives daily. Heavily influenced by gaming, cartoons and Hip-Hop culture, he skates between the edges of lyricism, hardcore hip-hop and nerdcore and his newest album No Masters 3 arrived with a nice list of producers who aided in the soundscape. Featuring production by Gage, Natsu fuji, raisi K, jhitz, beatsbythrd, NYbangers, shawnsolo, shxtter, blackguytri4rce, oddwin and features by artists like MangaD, Devin Hailey, Mickey Factz, Crimson Alchemist, Walter West and engineered by A.O. Lyrical & Mystic Elder Maikis

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