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What happens when you mix the quirkiness of De La Soul, empowerment of Public Enemy, brashness of N.W.A., and sexual frustration of Richard Pryor?
You get Vigatron.
Spearheaded by vig triple nine(David Norris), Vigatron has been one of the premiere acts in Cleveland to hold the torch for common sense and intelligence. The approach has always been to leave you with thoughts to live by, but to never beat you over the head with them. Creatively, Vigatron has also been at the forefront of local artists. Teaming with the production crew of I.R.B.S. (Infared Beet Seekers), Alex Supertramp, and Phatburner (of Protokulture/Nappyhead Entertainment fame), they have been known to slap you and your mama with beats to kill for. You want lyrics? vig triple nine unleashes a barrage of insight, verbal dexterity, and lines good enough to make you piss yourself with laughter. Since their formal inception in 1996, Vigatron has released three projects to critical praise. “Loveless excerpts from the play Divine Intervention” released in 1999, “You Gotta Love it B!tch” under the group project, Unpros in 2002, and the long awaited followup “Pleasure excerpts from the play Divine Intervention” released in 2009.
Today, Vigatron along with the help of Nappyhead Entertainment and Prhymal Rage continues to blaze a trail for artists and consumers that don’t just want to be taken to the club, intoxicated, and sexed up. He continues to perform with some of the wildest stage shows that money and decency will allow, and will continue to expand, set trends, and offend at every given opportunity, as long as it starts a dialogue.

PR_site_icons_groupsAffiliated Groups:
N.O.I.R. (with Phatburner & San Goodee)


Vigatron – Gargantuan
Download at the Vigatron Bandcamp site
Release Date:
Shawn Charles, Bang Messiah, A-Live
Indica Spitts, Journee Blu, San Goodee, Rime Royal, J Brad, BKA Watts
Singles: Vigatron – If I Stay

Vigatron – First 48 CLE

Track Listing: 01. Re-Introduction (Gargantuan) (produced by Shawn Charles)
02. If I Stay (produced by Shawn Charles)
03. GODKing (produced by Bang Messiah)
04. The Feels pt​.​1 & 2 ft Indica Spitts and Journee Blu (produced by Bang Messiah)
05. Husky (produced by Shawn Charles)
06. F U 2 (produced by Shawn Charles)
07. First 48: CLE
(produced by Shawn Charles)
08. Better Than Yours ft Journee Blu (produced by A-Live)
09. Great Again ft San Goodee (produced by Shawn Charles)
10. Cerberus ft Rime Royal (produced by Shawn Charles)
11. The List ft J Brad of BDX 216 & BKA Watts (produced by Shawn Charles)
12. Last Sermon (produced by Shawn Charles)


Vigatron – Behemoth
Download at the Vigatron Bandcamp site
Release Date:
Shawn Charles, MFKNRMX, Task 01, Big O, Bitter Music
R.Y.A.N., M-Double-A-L, Lo Sifu, The Big Piece
      Vigatron - Bully
Track Listing: 01. BEHEMOTH Intro (produced by Shawn Charles)
02. Ezekiel (produced by MFKNRMX)
03. Life Is… ft R.Y.A.N. (produced by Shawn Charles)
04. C’est la Vig (Angela’s Song) (produced by Task 01)
05. Suck Me Beautiful ft M-Double-A-L (Task 01)
06. Bully (Produced by Big O)
07. Three O’Clock High ft Lo Sifu & The Big Piece
(produced by Task 01)
08. F.Y.M. (produced by Bitter Music)
09. Mastadon (produced by MFKNRMX)
Vigatron – Pleasure (redux)
Download .zip (88.6mb)
Release Date:
Bitter Music, MFKNRMX, Task 01, Phatburner,
TuT, Erica Nicole, Ant Jones, Illa Log!k, The Big Piece, San Goodee,
Lo SiFu
      Vigatron - Operation S.A.M. ft TuT Almighty
      Vigatron - Salt

      Rockin' Wit Tha Illest part 2 ft Illa Log!k


Vigatron – Operation S.A.M. ft TuT Almighty VIDEO
Vigatron – Rockin’ Wit Tha Illest part 2 ft Illa Log!k VIDEO

Track Listing: 01. Pleasure feat. Erica Nicole (produced by Task 01)
02. Dead Personnnn (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
03. Operation: S.A.M. feat. TuT Almighty (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
04. Salt (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
05. Dirty Bomb (produced by Task 01)
06. Narcissist (produced by Phatburner)
07. The Nuttiness feat. Ant Jones (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
08. Rockin’ wit tha Illest pt.2 feat. Illa Log!k
(produced by Bitter Music)
09. The Monsters of Rock Tour feat. The Big Piece
(Produced By: MFKNRMX)
10. 16-80 (m.d.k.h.) (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
11. She feat. San Goodee & Lo Sifu (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
Vigatron – Tactical Bastard
Download .zip (53mb)
Release Date:
MFKNRMX, Big O, Sound Teckz, DJ Big Problemz
The Big Piece
      Vigatron - Abomination
Track Listing: 01. Tactical Bastard (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
02. Abomination (Produced By Big O)
03. Two One Six (Produced By Sound Teckz)
04. Big H8te (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
05. Hoelier Than Thou (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
06. We Hate All Toyz ft The Big Piece (Produced By Big O)
07. Infidelity Me (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
08. Fragile (Produced By: DJ Big Problemz)