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Prhymal Rage co-founder and work horse behind many things. Doc Remedy provides services like Production, Mixing, Mastering and Printing (CD Inserts, Business Cards, Flyers etc) for a large number of artists. As an artist himself he is often compared to the likes of Everlast, Eminem, Sweatshop Union, Sage Francis & Atmosphere. Musical influences reigning in heavily from Classic Rock, Alternative Rock and Reggae genres, Doc Remedy is more or less labeled an “Anti-Hero” version of a Hip Hop Artist.  Plainly put, being referred to as a rapper is only the tip of the iceberg and he generally enjoys performing more so on multi-genre shows as the standalone Hip Hop act.

PR_site_icons_groupsAffiliated Groups:
Heavy Underground (with Big O)
Scenic Route (with HellahMentals)


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