Our Roster

Prhymal Rage has been functioning since 2005. Over the years we have had many artists releasing music under the name and the roster is ever changing as artists become inactive and others become under development by the brand name. We try to keep most the albums and information up to date for everyone!  Thank you for your continued support!

Our Artist Roster

Bio / PageSocialGroups & AffiliationsDemo
DJ TekDJ Tek
Doc Remedy
Doc Remedy Bio
Doc Remedy Bandcamp
Heavy Underground
Scenic Route & the Sun Gods
      Doc Remedy - Freedom Farming
HellahMentalsScenic Route & the Sun Gods
      HellahMentals - Top Of The Knotrock (Re-Entered)
Jack Burton
Debut Mixtape HERE
      Jack Burton - Karma
Poetry Feen
Poetry Feen Bio
      Poetry Feen - After Party
Mr. 44Mr. 44 on CD Baby
      MR 44 - Ten Rap Commandments
Nino GrayeNino Graye BandcampTone Without Sound
      Nino Graye - 28 Phil-O-Sophy-Nino Graye
(Formerly MC Presto)
Currently Unavailable
      Mc PresTo - For A Minute Or More
Proph the Problem
Currently unavailable
      Proph the Problem & DJ G-Spot - 100 BARS Prod by Lay-z P
Ryder Reynolds
(Formerly Raystar)
Ryder Reynolds BioSuper Fresh Robots
      Ryder Reynolds - Back Packers Don't Bounce
San Goodee
Bandcamp Page
      San Goodee - KingSh*t!
Vigatron Bio
      Vigatron - Re-Introduction (GARGANTUAN)


Group NameMembersDemo
Big Bang Theory
Download Album Here
Vocals: Ref aka Jacob Rockwell
Drums: Danny Dope
Bass: Greg David
Guitar: Sean Mulhall
      Big Bang Theory - So Steady
Heavy Underground

Click for Album
Big O
Doc Remedy
The Sound Teckz
      Heavy Underground - Set The Bar
Scenic Route & the Sun Gods
Doc Remedy
      Scenic Route - The Best Mistake Ever Made
Smoke Screen

Click for Website
Mooke Da God
      Smoke Screen - Ice Cold Water
Tones Without Sound

Click for Album
Dunce the Emcee
Mic Sharp
Nino Graye
Sanden Gonza
      Tones Without Sound - Gars

Roster Archives

Big O
Big O Bio
      Big O - Can't Live
D-Roof Bio
      D-Roof - The Media
Dunce the EmceeTones Without Sound
      Dunce The Emcee - Read Paint Think Draw
The RefBig Bang Theory (Group)
      The Ref - Lonely Girl
JustinsaneCurrently Unavailable
      Justinsane - Monster