Beat Store

Welcome to our newest feature to the Prhymal Rage site!  We have a team of producers that are more than capable of handling your production needs!

For Exclusive Rights please or Custom Production please reach out to the desired producer below.

December 2018 Features:

Beat Store Producers

*We do NOT use a cart system for instant download, we channel you to e-mail the producer DIRECTLY through your e-mail client to discuss payment and details. We also have the right to refuse work / sales.
Beat Store LinkProducer / TeamHas Worked With
PhatburnerNappyhead Inc, TuT (Scribble Jam), Will Blaze, Vigatron, Prhymal Rage, Jack Burton, Play Havoc, Poohmanchew, Edotkom, Ngina Fayola, .Napz!, Speed, Rhyme Royal, Garbs Infinite, MR 44, Arrogant, Kenny Bell, Sam Goodie Bell, Don the King, Damien Nova, Vonn James, Shae Everett, Jamil Smith, Keisha Nichole Foster, Snub Zero, Eric Troi & more
San GoodeeStarkks, Downtown Delinquents, Keyo Kon-Fuzion, Journee Blu, YEWMANYETI, Jack Burton, Frostbyte, DJ Mike Ceeze & many more
Scenic Route & the Sun Gods
(Doc Remedy + HellahMentals)
Seez Mics (Strange Famous Records), Louis Logic, illogic, Copywrite, Ras Kass, M-Eighty, Carnage the Executioner, Cubbiebear, R-Kitech, Father Focus Confucus, M-Dot, TuT, Rain the Quiet Storm, MR 44, Sha Stimuli, Jack Burton, Poetry Feen, Proph the Problem, Smoke Screen, Nino Graye, Big O, Garbs Infinite, D-Roof, Ryder Reynolds & many more

All leased beats are sold “as is” and a .wav can be supplied if desired.  For exclusive rights and stems to beats, please specify that when contacting our producers directly.

Producers MUST be credited on all digital and physical releases and granted a percentage of digital or streaming revenue when applicable based upon agreement terms between all parties.

Our standard Purchase Rights Contract for exclusive rights can be found here.

Our standard Leasing Rights Contract if leasing is negotiated between parties can be found here.