Nino Graye – No Peace For Kings

Nino Graye is officially out of hiatus and has cooked up a HOT new album putting lyricism back in the fore front!  Under the house of Vherbal of Fat Sound Records (Anno Domini Nation) and High End Art Supply this album features production by Vherbal, Soledad and guitar by Clawd as well as additional content and vocals by Gator and Ada Crimson. Check it out!

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Release Date:12/14/18
Producers:Vherbal, Soledad, Clawd
Features:Ada Crimson, Gator, Clawd
Videos:   N/A
Track Listing:01. Bon Appetit
02. Nowhere To Run
03. All Gold Visions
04. Ghost Lebowski
05. Money Maker Magic
06. Facedowninpasta
07. Heist at the Basel
08. Chris Tucker
09. No Peace For Kings ft Clawd