Vigatron – Gargantuan

Vigatron is back with another album in his series to follow up his late 2014 release “Behemoth” with 12 AMAZING tracks!  Check out the new album Gargantuan below!


Vigatron – Gargantuan
Download at the Vigatron Bandcamp site
Release Date:
Shawn Charles, Bang Messiah, A-Live
Indica Spitts, Journee Blu, San Goodee, Rime Royal, J Brad, BKA Watts
Singles: Vigatron – If I Stay
Vigatron – First 48 CLE
Track Listing: 01. Re-Introduction (Gargantuan) (produced by Shawn Charles)
02. If I Stay (produced by Shawn Charles)
03. GODKing (produced by Bang Messiah)
04. The Feels pt​.​1 & 2 ft Indica Spitts and Journee Blu (produced by Bang Messiah)
05. Husky (produced by Shawn Charles)
06. F U 2 (produced by Shawn Charles)
07. First 48: CLE
(produced by Shawn Charles)
08. Better Than Yours ft Journee Blu (produced by A-Live)
09. Great Again ft San Goodee (produced by Shawn Charles)
10. Cerberus ft Rime Royal (produced by Shawn Charles)
11. The List ft J Brad of BDX 216 & BKA Watts (produced by Shawn Charles)
12. Last Sermon (produced by Shawn Charles)