Mega Ran & Storyville – Soul Veggies

For those who have the pleasure of knowing who Mega Ran (aka Random) is, you must be more excited to see him again collaborate with longtime friend Storyville!  If you are NOT familiar, you are missing out on some EXTREMELY creative, genre bending, next level artists!  Mega Ran gained a large amount of fame & momentum with his ongoing “mixtape” series called Mega Ran, in which he acquired licenses from Capcom (yes, the video game company) to sample and make music dedicated to his favorite 8bit and 16bit games! Storyville has deep implanted himself as not just an emcee, but a producer and mixing engineer (engineering for Arrested Development & George Clinton to name a few) as well, most notably popularizing his series online “Mixing Rap Vocals”. Now let’s discuss the Soul Veggies project! Turnip them Beets! The album starts with an array of tracks produced by Storyville like the soulful, almost b-boy type feel The Opening Act, a Golden Era Hip Hop-Rock feel on Waste My Time and a quick paced high energy vibe on React that is almost reminiscent of some of the more classic Blackalicious tracks over the years!  There are many more tracks that are note worthy on the project, Life’s A Game has a heavy video game influence to it, Senility is a humorous song about becoming older and senile, story provoking tracks like Eye in The Sky ft Russel Tate and a personal favorite “Rappin About Rappin’ in which they devise a rap song about rappers who make raps about rapping!  The album start to finish is crisp, clean, fun and accompanies producers DJ Seedless, Kid Icki, Lost Perception, Mike Paris, Small Professor, Storyville, The Cymatiks, The Symphony & Wann Sklobi as well as features by D.O.E. Boy, Laura Zahn, PT Starks, Russel Tate & Wise Intelligent (of Poor Righteous Teachers). So what are you waiting for? Turnip them Beets!

PR_site_icons_videoMega Ran & Storyville – Rapping About Rapping

PR_site_icons_mediaMega Ran & Storyville – Soul Veggies
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