Matthewmaticus – The Sanctified Tape

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio but his musical influences say otherwise!  The first time listening to The Sanctified Tape by Matthewmaticus the comparisons that flew around came from many many angles!  Influenced heavily by Pioneers like Gza, Andre 3000, Jay-Z and many artists outside the genre, Matthew Maticus would appeal highly to fans of artists like Sage Francis, Blueprint, Brother Ali and others with his extensive vocabulary and relaxing melodic beat selections.  The Opening track A Meditation cracks punches at artists screaming “it’s all about the money” with a witty counter of “Maybe it’s all about what the money’s making”.  Much of the 6 track EP provides a glimpse of what it’s like and what goes through the head of an independent artist growing up in Cleveland. Paying homage to the many artists that influenced the golden era of Hip-Hop (Saeta Screamin’) like Mobb Deep, Def Squad, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan etc. and providing head nods to classic phrases twisted slightly like “Can’t make a dollar outta 15 cents” (Heads Up) takes us back to the days of discovering Hip-Hop in the early to mid 90’s!

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