Doc Remedy #6albums1year 2015 goal progress

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After being pretty much inactive for close to 2 years as a solo artist, Doc Remedy decided to break that cycle with a new goal in mind starting January 1st 2015.  The hashtag is #6albums1year as he set out to release an album every other month, all mixed by Doc Remedy himself as well. Here we logged the progress to keep them all intact in a single post!


November 1st 2015 #6Albums1year
Doc Remedy – MC Rx volume 1


September 1st 2015 #6Albums1year
Doc Remedy – Straight Outta The 80’s

July 1st 2015 #6albums1year
Heavy Underground (Big O & Doc Remedy) – Take it Personal

May 1st 2015 #6albums1year
Doc Remedy – Tree of Evil EP

March 1st 2015 #6albums1year
Doc Remedy – Truth Speaker (Hosted by DJ Symphony) produced by Big O

January 1st 2015 #6albums1year
Doc Remedy – Freeze EP