Kyprios – Set the Bar

Kyprios was the founding member of collective Sweatshop Union, signed to Battleaxe Records during the peak of it’s threshold. He has since then been a solo artist, but has made contributions to every Sweatshop Union album through 2008 with the release of Water Street.

Let’s now discuss why Kyprios has SET THE BAR for aspiring Hip Hop Heads……

His debut solo effort “Say Something” was nominated for a JUNO AWARD in 2005!
This was the lead single for the album “Say Something” entitled “THIS IS MY HIT”

This is a powerful spoken word piece that ALONE sets him apart from others in terms of containing content.
Kyprios – Hate

If THAT isn’t enough, in 2010, he was named the winner of CKPK-FM‘s Peak Performance Project, a contest for emerging musicians in Vancouver, winning over second place finishers Said the Whale. His prize in the contest was $100,500.

Since then he has released many amazing songs and projects. Check him out!



Kyprios – Throw it Away

Kyprios – We Get Right

Kyprios – Lap Dog