Vigatron – Behemoth

The first to drop of a 3 part series, Behemoth sets the tone for a larger soundscape for Vigatron.

Vigatron – Behemoth
Download at the Vigatron Bandcamp site

Release Date:
Shawn Charles, MFKNRMX, Task 01, Big O, Bitter Music
R.Y.A.N., M-Double-A-L, Lo Sifu, The Big Piece
Track Listing: 01. BEHEMOTH Intro (produced by Shawn Charles)
02. Ezekiel (produced by MFKNRMX)
03. Life Is… ft R.Y.A.N. (produced by Shawn Charles)
04. C’est la Vig (Angela’s Song) (produced by Task 01)
05. Suck Me Beautiful ft M-Double-A-L (Task 01)
06. Bully (Produced by Big O)
07. Three O’Clock High ft Lo Sifu & The Big Piece
(produced by Task 01)
08. F.Y.M. (produced by Bitter Music)
09. Mastadon (produced by MFKNRMX)