Vigatron – Tactical Bastard

Vigatron – Tactical bastard album out now!

Vigatron – Tactical Bastard
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MFKNRMX, Big O, Sound Teckz, DJ Big Problemz
The Big Piece
Track Listing: 01. Tactical Bastard (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
02. Abomination (Produced By Big O)
03. Two One Six (Produced By Sound Teckz)
04. Big H8te (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
05. Hoelier Than Thou (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
06. We Hate All Toyz ft The Big Piece (Produced By Big O)
07. Infidelity Me (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
08. Fragile (Produced By: DJ Big Problemz)