MR 44 – The Birth of an MC

The Debut album MR 44 put out under the Prhymal Rage name!

MR 44 – The Birth of an MC
Download .zip (55mb)

Release Date:12/13/08
Producers:The Sound Teckz, Phatty Banks, Deep, & more N/A
Features:Tiana Marie, Cha-Cha
Track Listing:01. My First Love
02. Birth of an MC
03. Lyrical Alphabets 2
04. It’s My Time
05. Midwest G’s
06. The Illest MC
07. Letter To The Lord ft Tiana Marie
08. 44 Bars
09. Ask About Me
10. Ten Rap Commandments
11. My Home
12. Chemistry ft Cha-Ch