Scenic Route – First Alignment

The debut album by Scenic Route’s original members DJ Offbeatz, Doc Remedy and HellahMentals entirely self produced by the group as well.

Currently Not Available for download

Release Date:
DJ Offbeats, Doc Remedy, HellahMentals, Scenic Route
Proph the Problem, The Ref, Street Chemist (of Smoke Screen), Mooke (of Smoke Screen), MR. 44, Mc Presto, Rob Swift, Double K (of People Under The Stairs)
Track Listing:01. Intro (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz, Doc Remedy)
02. Thoughts Astray (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
03. Hollow Heads ft. Proph The Problem (Produced By: HellahMentals)
04. Playing With Shadows (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
05. Music Is This Man’s Best Friend ft. The Ref (Produced By: HellahMentals)
06. Like Minded Emcees ft. Street Chemist (of Smoke Screen) (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
07. HowWeDo How We Do (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
08. Hidden Treasure (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz, HellahMentals)
09. Seat Check ft. Mooke (of Smoke Screen) (Produced By: HellahMentals)
10. Adding Substance ft. MR. 44 (Hollow Heads Remix) (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
11. Time Takes Sides (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
12. Ashes To Ashes (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
13. Rest Stop (Produced By: HellahMentals)
14. Come Home ft. MC Presto (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
15. Asiah Raidah (Produced By: HellahMentals)